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Product Information
Name: PCL Sand making machine
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: according to export standard
Brand Name: LZM
Origin: Shanghai, China
Model No: various
Post Date: 2014-08-27 15:26:29
Expiry Date: 2014-11-25 15:26:29
Currency: USD
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T; L/C
Unit: unit
Product Description
PCL Sand making machine:

Product description:

PCL sand making machine is the advanced, the tertiary and quaternary application in crushing. It is the unique machine with both crushing and milling capability, can process all most hard, high-wear and sticky materials, and the structure of the machine is original, stable operation, high capacity, little cost and pollution, easy maintenance.

PCL sand making machine has the predominant capability of superior product shape quality. All the end products can be formed below 5% content of the chip and the grain is better than the impact crusher.

Longzhen PCL sand making machine makes use of the technology of the `no contacting and disparting crushing principle, and develops the special wear materials, makes the cost of the quick wear parts low., And adjusts the structure of the machine according to the clients requirement of the end product of hardness, capacity, size and rate. The machine has been used widely in the field of the water power, highway, architect, cement, silicon and ore sand industry.

PCL Sand Making Machine Working Principle

PCL sand making machine is mainly consistent of feed tube, impeller, and distribution cone. During operation, its two motors drive the impeller to turn round. The speed of impeller will arrive at 75 meter/second.

Therefore, as one part of the materials are divided by the feed tube and directly entering into the rotating impeller, they will fly away from the three runner plates of the impeller. the materials will impact with some materials falling around classifier, then impact on the whirlpool cavity's scale board together, then will be rebounded and impact on the top of whirlpool cavity, then changes its direction and goes down, forms continual material layers with the materials shot from the impeller.

Through this way, the materials are all crushed for several times at high speed and with hard crushing plates. And finally the crushed materials will be exhausted from the distribution cone at the bottom.

In the whole crushing process, the materials shock, crush and smash with each other, not directly impacting with the machines. Therefore, the powder in the end product is reduced, the work life of the machines wearing part is extended, the pollution to the environment is decreased and the materials can be crushed into 20 meshes with perfect shape. Airflow self-circulation in the whirlpool cavity can well eliminate the dust pollution.

Structural Drawing


Model Max. Feed Size (mm)

Motor Power








Overall Dimensions
PCL-600 30 60-90 1500-2200 20-80 5.6 3300*1500*2050
PCL-900 40 110-220 1000-1450 90-150 13.6 3600*2140*2620
PCL-1250 50 264-320 900-1300 150-300 19.8 4520*2640*3540
PCL-1350 60 400-600 800-1300 200-400 26 4800*2800*3600
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