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Product Information
Name: Sell VSI sand making machine
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: according to export standard
Brand Name: LZM
Origin: Shanghai, China
Model No: various
Post Date: 2014-08-27 15:29:28
Expiry Date: 2014-11-25 15:29:27
Currency: USD
Price Terms: FOB
Payment Terms: T/T; L/C
Unit: unit
Product Description
Sell VSI sand making machine:

Product description:

VSI sand making machine is designed by introducing foreign advanced technology and integrating with the feature of stone from different places, is the new generation sand making machine adapting to the use of Chinese clients and is the high capacity sand making equipment which is only in the production of Long Zhen Heavy Industry Co. Ltd in China and with world's advanced level. Comparing with the same kind of domestic products, VSI sand making machine has the virtue of higher output, better end product shape and lower use cost. This machine specially supplies good quality sand and stone material for highway, railway, high-rise building, municipal administration, construction of hydroelectricity dam and concrete batching plant, and is the best equipment for the fields of manually sand making and stone reshaping.

The feature and technology advantages of VSI series sand making machine equipment:

1 Comparing with the traditional equipment under the condition of the same power, it is with large crushing capacity, high output with 30% addition and stable.

2 Perfect end product shape: the product shape is cubical with advisable gradation and adjustable fitness modules.

3 Low consumption of wearing parts, reasonable cavity design which can decrease direct contact between material and wearing parts and largely reduce the abrasion of wearing parts.

4 With the cover opening installation of hydraulic pressure, it is more convenient to change wearing parts.

5 Lubrication with automatic oil and automatic maintenance: automatic oil transmission has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, good cooling effect that greases transmission cannot compare with. Under the same condition, the former can decrease 10-40% power consumption. The complement of double oil pumps assures the oil supply, without oil outflow and the motor automatically halts when there is no oil pressure. Oil liquid cooling and heating installation make sure the lubrication of bearing always under the optimum condition, drastically solving the problems of bearing heating, making the bearing of principal shaft keep constant temperature in order to enlarge maintenance period and machine's life length.

Structural Drawing



Max. Feed Size




Rotation Speed






Overall Dimensions


VSI7516 40 110 1700-1890 120-180 7.8 4500*2040*2100
VSI8624 40 180 1400-1600 200-260 10.6 4500*2180*2220
VSI9527 40 264 1200-1500 300-380 12.8 4500*2280*2400
VSI1127 40 400 1100-1300 400-550 14.5 4500*2380*2600
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